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Hell's Bells

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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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other platform
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works on websites, as a Flash embed
Short Introduction: 
The aim of Hell's Bells is to replicate certain sequences that are played by Bells. The player is aiming to reach two final states - 'heaven' or 'hell'. By playing the correct bells in sequence, the player can advance towards the state they desire. Do you 'live' or 'die' ? and What if you don't win? Hell's Bells might have an answer..

Submitted at Mobile Pie's Game Jam (United Kingdom)

MobilePie BRISTOL Games JAM - Game: Hells Bells - the logo


News from Bristol, SW England

here's the logo for our game.

we will soon have a website at: http://hellsbells.wordpress.com

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