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Go, Fat Hamster, Go!

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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Short Introduction: 
Ever since Fat "Lucky" Hamster had his carrot field plowed over for apple and orange trees, Fat Hamster has longed to eat a carrot once again. One day, when a carrot's scent whiffs by him, he cannot resist the temptation to follow. Unfortunately, the apple and orange trees aren't happy...

Submitted at Bloomfield College (United States)

Project Hamster -- 1:47pm EST

Jordan White

Production Update!

Programming: We have the core game completely finished and we are now just ironing out the kinks in errors, expanding some gameplay elements, ect.

Background Artist: All backgrounds have been done since yesterday. Also did the Opening and Ending images.

Object Artist: All objects are now done. Thinking about introducing one more object in as a power up.

Concept Artist: Finishing up short title card that shows how to play the game.

Project Hamster -- 6:12am EST

Jordan White

Production Update!

Programming: We have active physics and game play working, found new physic play that makes game chalanging without too many traps. More work to do. Hope to have basic game done before tonight ends.

Background Artist: All backgrounds are done!

Object Artist: Most objects are done.

Concept Artist: Finishing up opening and closing cut scenes.

Audio (Me): All music and sound effects are DONE!

Projects Completion Estimate -- 75%

Project Hamster -- 1:16am EST

Jordan White

Production Update!

Programming: We have approved concept of physic simulation. Programmer is just heading out now form his collage to join us in person.

Background Artist: Background Artist working at steady pace, has a couple of backgrounds drawn and colored. Doing very good job.

Object Artist: Hamster is finished as well as a few other environmental objects. Working on falling fruit.

Concept Artist: Managing team while doing sound. Approved new idea that the hamster is a round, physics based object.

Project Hamster -- 11:45am EST

Jordan White

Project Hamster's game design was finalized last night. We are working on assets today.

Programming: Programmer has done progress on randomization. Will be coming in later to do program implementation of game objects.

Background Artist: Background Artist already has three background variations all to scale.

Object Artist: Hamster WAS finished but due to an error and a lack of saving we lost the data. Artist now re-creating hamster.

Concept Artist: Working on end level cut scene with co-designer.

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