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Pirate Snakes: Escape from Cannibalism Island

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Short Introduction: 
Long ago on an inconveniently populated but horribly food deprived island, a pirate ship crashed onto the beach, unloading a legion of snakes onto the beaches. There were no survivors and the snakes soon took on the culture of the pirates. Unfortunately after a few months, the snakes realized that there was no food to be had and started mass cannibalization to stay alive. Many snakes spit off into factions or ran away. You are one of these teams of snakes trying to band together to get off of Cannibalism Island. To escape, the snakes must not only survive through the hunger, but fight the other snakes for the chance to live; even if that means resorting back to cannibalization. Can the pirate snakes escape Cannibalism Island? Their fate is in your hands!
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