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#WordSnake Shiritori, Antakshari or Word Chain; all variants of the ever-popular word game in which you have to come up with words that begin with the letter that the previous word ended with. In #WordSnake, you play this game in a public environment such as the train station or a pub - using Twitter! You can play with peers or strangers, as long as they are watching the same public display as you are. The game is fully twitter-powered: 1. Anybody can start a game by twittering 'start' to the display-specific hashtag - #ws123 in this occasion. Everybody can join using their mobile phone, tablet or laptop: they simply send a message with the hashtag included. [#ws123 start] 2. First, the theme selection starts: you can vote for a theme you like, or add a choice yourself - but hurry up, you only have a few seconds! [#ws123 animals] [#ws123 dinner dishes] 3. Then, the game starts! The first player to post a word is lucky, since he/she can determine both the starting and end letter. [#ws123 goat] 4. Now, another player has to come up with a word that matches both the theme and starts with the last letter of the previous word; the first one to post it earns 10 points, and continues the chain. [#ws123 turkey] 5. To conclude the game, you have to close the circle: both the word chain and the snake have to touch their tail. The last word should end with the first letter of the chain - a 'g' in our example. Connect the words and complete the Ouroboros! [#ws123 yorkshire pig]
built with Game Maker (any product)
generic mobile platform
Platform note: 
If you have a twitter application, you're good to go!
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