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Day 1.5

24 hours to go!


Hitting the 24 hour mark and we're almost on time for our goal of having the engine and first level completed and debugged. Waiting for the last few assets to finish assembling the level and then we shall see if the game comes out how it was envisioned. I'm sure much tweaking will have to be done before we can move on and do the last couple of levels.

Final debugging begins at noon tomorrow so everything should be locked down then leaving us with just number tweaks and minor fixes.

We're off to a good start!

Setana Zen

We've got a really good start on our game! I think the game pysics are coming together the guys are working on figuring out how to make all the bits work. Me and Steve have the art coming along, we have the two characters mostly designed. We've got the scale and the level template set. The next step is the finish the characters to give to our programmers. Then work on making these levels look pretty! We're going to do two levels initially, then we will decide between having a third level or having a tutorial. Crunch Time!


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