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.Little Jeansed Up Mars

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Play the game and love it (or hate it)! :D Try to understand what's happening. We wanted to create the feeling of the old Kelloggs-Games (or to be honest: it just happened).
Mac OS X+
Web browser with plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)
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Flimflam Fernandez

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Windows XP or Vista
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A two player turn-based game entirely made in plasticine. Player 1 (the King) tries to sneak back into the castle and into bed without being caught by Player 2 (the Queen) who knows that the king has been out philandering.

Submitted at Carleton School of Information Technology (Canada)

"Vile Haberdashery" iPhone game released!


The iPhone game we created for the Global Game Jam been accepted by the App Store, and is now available for purchase!

"Vile Haberdashery" is a nasty, disreputable little multiplayer game where players are cast as noble siblings vying for a great haberdashery fortune. Through blackmail, flattery, intimidation, and a little eavesdropping, you can coerce your subordinates into murdering the other would-be heirs. Can you get the doctor to kill your sister with the garden shears? Or will your brother get the stable boy to poison you with rat poison? Who will walk home with the inheritance?

To Whoever picked the GGJ locations in Maryland


You are one clever cat.

Initially I, along with the other dozen people, were pretty shocked at your decision to approve the Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center as a suitable location for the GGJ, but it all makes sense to me now.

The theme was 'deception', and here all of us were deceived into thinking we were going somewhere that had computers, on-site security, development tools, and generally complied with your list of what was required to host a location. We even thought there was going to be a presentation at the end, as mentioned on the site's schedule!


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Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Short Introduction: 
Examining the relationship between the player and thier environment, with focus on player perception and expections, Deception is a short game that attempts to shatter preconceptions about what we expect from games.

Submitted at Staffs Uni Games Academy (United Kingdom)

"Land The Mime" (our finished and quite polished game) - GGJ Postmortem


I loved the Global Game Jam!! Everything was great: the community, the people, the experience, the game we finished in time, “Land the Mime“. This is the postmortem that I wrote.

In game shots of Spaniard in Space


These are on one Robin Joos' blog (the awesome 2D Artist on the team), but i figured I should put them up here as well.

So here's some in game shots of our game 'Spaniard In Space'!

(found here http://globalgamejam.org/2010/spaniard-space)

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