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Team HAPPY SUPER! Diary: Entry 2 (30/01/2010, 09:54)


Here’s the update on our project…

So far, me and David have made some good assets for the game, and some of them are being placed into a game; while Tom fought through lots of code to get many mechanics working, from collision and timer, to some animation of sprites. And Kelvin has made a draft for the game’s back-story and he is now – working with David – to get the audio done for the game.

Team HAPPY SUPER! Diary: Entry 1 (30/01/2010, 01:22)


Hi guys, we are the team called ‘HAPPY SUPER!’, who are making a game called 'The Super Global Cute Furry Cuddle Happy Game!!'; its aim is to lure different types of one eyed monsters into their correct traps and getting them all in within 5 minutes. It’s being made in Game Maker, which is ideal for building games quickly, and also useful for this event.

David made this idea, and because the venue participants have chosen it by vote, it will be turned into a game.

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