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I'm calling it done for today.
I think it's a solid and interesting prototype, even if the gameplay-loop never came together.


Rene Derks

Happy that it's over. But it's sad that we need to quit. The playable is well, playable, and people have been having fun with our game for over an hour now. The main mechanic: "who is the mole?" is up and running and is proven in gameplay. So. I'm proud. Definately. signing off...

We, too, have finished


We've spent the last forty-eight hours designing, developing, help growing-up, and ultimately care about our great passion: games. Actually, some, few, of us did spend the whole 48 hours in front of the computer, only leaving for lunch and other tasks that can't be ignored at all. That is what we call passion (or nerdness, your choice.)

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