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Growl Till You Fall - AKA: How To Survive From 48 Hour Jam


It's been over a day since I made my way back at my apartment from the most exciting event I've participated in a long time. Finnish Game Jam 2010 is definitely something I'll remember for years to come, but it's not that it would have been like dancing on a carpet of flowers. When you're talking about making a game in 48 hours it doesn't sound so bad. Why not, could be fun, eh?

Fire! To Deadify! Your rivals!

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other platform
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Sun Java browser applet
Short Introduction: 
Tradional horizontally scrolling shoot'em up with endless enemies from your jazzy nightmares.

Submitted at Aalto University (Finland)

Game is underway... And it will be the best game in the whole known universe without a doubt!


Game construction has began, the game will have someone who does something in an enviroment somewhere. It will be made with flash and microphone plays a huge role in it.

Oh, and it has zombies, lots of em :)

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