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Play Dead 2:Growling of the Dead - gameplay video


Added a short gameplay example to Youtube. Follow this link.

Boys Are Back In Town


After 4 hours of sleep I'm back in the business. My head should be full of ideas by now, including what our main character should look like. Sadly, I'm like an empty table. Well, I guess after I've fed my growing hunger, there could be some progress on my area. I hope I can spit out some decent graphics before the evening, I brought my Darth Vader -figure from home to keep up the good motivation. But for now... nom nom nom nom...!

Still Alive


I've been staring at the screen for almost 30 minutes without doing anything, so I guess I'll be heading into the sleeping quarters quite soon. It's been a great day and I think that we're doing fine. There's been a couple of new ideas which we've added to a list of upcoming features, although if the time is not on our side tomorrow, we may have to forget them. Still, our game mechanic is working like a dream. A big applause to our programmers for that. I'll do my best tomorrow to speed up with the graphics. Tampere will turn quiet for a moment, but we'll be right back. Nighty night.

All Grapes Must Be Eaten


It's 03:00 AM and still holding head up high. Our second programmer headed to well earned rest, while me and the other code-master will continue our endless struggle against the deadline. So far we've seen the first zombie walk and heard some growling around our working area. I'm still designing what the main character should look like and I think I'll solve it out before calling it a day. Fortunately, our sleeping area is quite dark all the time, so the morning sun won't disturb our sleep. Over and out.

Grrr... grapes.


Greetings to you, my fellow jammers. Rastaanparta here. I'll try to keep you informed with the help of team mates, of how we're doing with our project. My job is to make sure that both of our programmers are working efficiently, being the lead artist and keep the track of all the features we're supposed to make before the deadline. There isn't much to tell at the moment, except that there will be zombies... lots of zombies.

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