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Looking Forward here at Staffs....


I've just come from a meeting with the Press office and trying to get quotes for T-shirts to be printed - We're approaching the final phase of sorting stuff out - The students are back next week and we're really looking forward to hosting our First Ever Global Games Jam - it should be epic!


Empezamos a armar el Game Jam de Córdoba, Argentina


Creamos el evento para córdoba, Argentina, este año sera algo pequeño y privado, como prueba y para ganar experiencia para el evento de 2011.

Anatomy of a simple Local Jam website


We recently put up our webpage for the UC Santa Cruz Game Jam. It occurred to me that some locations don't have websites yet or it may look too cumbersome to make one now, especially with the event only 28 days away. I think having a site is essential and I don't think there's much to it, especially if you're using globalgamjam.org for registration. This is what we are doing at Santa Cruz. Having a site is an important publicity tool and will remain valuable even after the Jam ends.

The Manila Game Jam is ON!


Well, this is our first time too, and we're happy to represent the game development community in Manila, the Philippines. We've got a few interested venues already and right now I'm in the process of making a list of venue requirements to have a better ideo of which location is best suited for holding a Jam. I'll be posting some updates in the near future!

First Post


Hey well Salt Lake City, UT, USA is excited to be joining this time. I thought I would start a blog to track our first time and the process of putting everything together. We are still in negotiations with various venues but should be ready to accept participants by November 1st.

Trial by fire...


Having never organized a game jam before, this indeed will be a Trial by Fire. To make things even more fun I'm undergoing my performance review right now to determine if I get my continuing contract or not. But there's just no way I'm not doing this, so it's time to charge into the fray!

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