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The Genoa Chapter is ready and streaming!


Global Game Jam in Genoa starts now, with 31 Jammers and 4 teams!
Follow the excitement online on on ustream:

Gumagawa na ng game


So far, one-man-team ako.

May ginawa na akong game design, at may general idea na ako sa kung paano to gagawin. Very basic lang, at gumagamit lang ng Java Standard Library.

Kung may interasado na sumali sa game na ginagawa ko, I need either a 2d artist or an extra programmer.

Yung 2d art, very basic lang, kaunting sprites lang gagawin natin.
Pero warning sa programming: hindi ako mahilig gumawa ng documentation, at gumagamit ako ng Allman style indentation.

Kung gusto nyo, hanapin nalang ako bukas sa ITTC.

Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli giving keynote for GGJ Turkey

Ferhan Ozkan

It is our pleasure to announce that Cevat Yerli, Crytek CEO, will be giving video keynote speech for GGJ 2010 Turkey during our opening ceremony. Last year, Don Daglow, CEO of Stormfront Studios, was the keynote speaker.

This year, Cevat Yerli will mention his passion for game development starting from his childhood. Also, the audience will have the chance to take his suggestions about the game design process and what should be the motivation behind.

For those who are interested, the video of the speech will be available in GGJ Turkey website very soon.
Ferhan OZKAN

Wasting time at the airport


After having arrived early this morning (4 hours before flight) I'm kinda getting restless. This is my third Nordic Game Jam (part of the global game jam, in fact the point of origin for the whole thing) and I've been counting the hours since I signed up in early December. I have prepared both mentally and equipment wise and feel confident this will be even more fun than the last two I attended (2007-2008). Peter Molyneux aka God is even speaking as keynote, which I'm realy looking forward to.

Damn still one hour to flight, why didn't I bring my DS, doh!

Global Game Jam in Genoa, Italy: We are ready!


The Elios Lab of University of Genoa, Italy is glad to announce the grand opening of the Global Game Jam Genova mini-site!
Check it out at "The Global Game Jam 2010 in Genova"

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Awaiting the game jam


Ive been looking forward to the game jam for a long time now and it's almost here!

I meant to go to last year's jam but due to work and school I hadn't made time to go. Been slowly preparing for it. Brushing up on my programming skills, doing some creativity exercises and junk like that.

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