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GGJ 2010

Let the games begin \o/


Finally GGJ 2010 has begun in Helsinki! Our first idea is on the paper, we have setup our computers and trying out the new software. Damn, I´m excited. We are gonna build our first game ever. Yes we are newbies but our spirits are even stronger. Hopefully we can get something done :) at least we are gonna do our best.

Here, some pictures I took from the site..

Sorry for the poor quality :)

The final countdown...


Yes, the day finally arrived, GGJ 2010 is about to start in Finland in just a few hours! I´m so excited that I can´t stand still. I´m still at home listening the final countdown by Europe, drinking lots and lots of coffee and hoping that I remember to bring everything with me. Damn, it´s going to be hell of a weekend!

I´ll leave you with this youtube link hoping that you all, as well, are at least half excited as I am :D


Getting ready for finnish game jam 2010


Just few days left before game jam starts and preparations are on the way. Laptop, pc-gear and most of the mandatory stuff are allready packed up and ready to go. Just few (hundred!) litres of energy drink from the store and me and my team are ready to conquer Helsinki Game Jam!

gorbatshow, TEAM JANKKO

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