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Go, Fat Hamster, Go! -- Project Hamster is FINISHED and UPLOADED!

Jordan White

Our game is done! Check it out here:


Here is the background story that we could not upload in a read-me in time, just for your pleasure:

Our Story Begins...

Bull's Hit

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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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Short Introduction: 
You are a Bull Fighter competing in the running of the bulls, you must avoid being gouged by the Raging bull in Pampoloma, Spain. Use your cape, keep your distance, and trick El Toro Furioso to become the Master Matador.

Submitted at Bloomfield College (United States)

Presentation of the Games from GGJ Genova, streaming on uStream


We are waiting until 15:00 PM GMT+1 to upload our games.
Then we will stream live the presentation of the games made by our Jammers.

The presentation is in Italian, but gaming is universal, so if you want to have a look, visit our stream page at 15:30 Italian Time (GMT+1) - 6:30am PST - 9:30am EST

Live streams from the Global Game Jam Genoa

Follow us on Twitter and ask our Jammers an english presentation! :-)

Day 2 In Buenos Aires.


Starting the day 2 of the Global Gamejam Buenos Aires here at Sabarasa. We wish to have puppies.

We're finished!

Stephen Knightly

Well, after a long exhausting 48 hours we are done. The first timezone to begin, and the first to finish - it seems odd to be going home to relax (and sleep!) when so many others around the world are still going.

27 Jammers published 6 games in 48 Hours, around the theme "Deception" with the constraint of including at least one cake, lake or snake.
Here are the games we made: http://www.globalgamejam.org/sites/auckland-game-developers-meetup/games
'Cakewalk' was voted the audience favourite game, and is certainly very deceptive.

We saw them moving... in Genoa!


Just a quick recap from University of Genoa, Italy.
At 2 o' clock am, all 3 teams have reached the debug/polishing stage, with 3 working prototypes showed to us.
We are so proud and amazed.

Please keep following our games creators on ustream from here!

Thanks! And good Jam to Everyone around the planet

The GGJGenova Team

Project Hamster -- 6:12am EST

Jordan White

Production Update!

Programming: We have active physics and game play working, found new physic play that makes game chalanging without too many traps. More work to do. Hope to have basic game done before tonight ends.

Background Artist: All backgrounds are done!

Object Artist: Most objects are done.

Concept Artist: Finishing up opening and closing cut scenes.

Audio (Me): All music and sound effects are DONE!

Projects Completion Estimate -- 75%


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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7

Submitted at SPSU and Art Instutite of Atlanta (United States)

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