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Global Game Jam 2010

Las Cruces Game Jam Video


We've posted a 5 minute video telling the story of our Local Game Jam in Las Cruces, New Mexico (Sponsored by the New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab and Doña Ana Community College).

Kudos to Rachel Bailey, Juan Robles, and Jeanne Gleason for their great video work!

To Whoever picked the GGJ locations in Maryland


You are one clever cat.

Initially I, along with the other dozen people, were pretty shocked at your decision to approve the Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center as a suitable location for the GGJ, but it all makes sense to me now.

The theme was 'deception', and here all of us were deceived into thinking we were going somewhere that had computers, on-site security, development tools, and generally complied with your list of what was required to host a location. We even thought there was going to be a presentation at the end, as mentioned on the site's schedule!

My Game Jam Photo Album


Thought I posted this earlier, but maybe I didn't...

Here's my album from GAME JAM 2010. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I know I'm tooting my own horn here, but I put a lot of work into it!


"Land The Mime" (our finished and quite polished game) - GGJ Postmortem


I loved the Global Game Jam!! Everything was great: the community, the people, the experience, the game we finished in time, “Land the Mime“. This is the postmortem that I wrote.

Reflections from Global Game Jam 2010


I've survived the Global Game Jam, and my team created something resembling a game. To say that I'm happy with it or proud of it would be untrue, unfortunately. It's hard not to look back at all the things that could have been but weren't, or imagine what could have been added if only we had slightly more time.

Mr. Pickles Dunks Some Skunks

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other platform
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Short Introduction: 
After being eaten by a monster, two skunks are trapped in his belly. But they discover Mr. Pickles, a friendly growth who can eat and spit them out. Can you guide them to safety?

Submitted at University of British Columbia (Canada)

Office Of The Dead

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Windows XP or Vista
Short Introduction: 
Office of the Dead has players desending an Office building filled with zombies. The Player can transform himself into a zombie for a short time to keep the zombies off his trail.

Submitted at Albany IGDA Chapter (United States)

Day 1


Full day of jamming is just about complete. I will sleep soon to regain my strength and sanity. Pardon if this post is incoherent. It's 3:47am.

It is very hard to form an idea with a team because everyone has their own ideas. And I know they have every bit as right as I do to contribute, so I have to shelve the selfish guy inside me who wants to do everything my way.

I think we've scoped our game fairly well but I am always wanting to cut more. Thankfully our artist, Erika, has the same motivation.

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