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You are a jellyfish. Swim as much as you can and use your abilities to avoid your enemies and collect resources to create minions.
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Global Chase Tail

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A linear side scroller in which you are a golden dragon in search of the perfect meal, your own tail! You must cross a field full of dangers and find your way through the end so you can finally appreciate the tasty little tail! Oh, and you have only 48 seconds to do so! (sounds familiar?) Hope you enjoy it and curse a lot when playing it =D Have fun!
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In rare cases, the game won't work in 64 bits systems
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Presentation of the Games from GGJ Genova, streaming on uStream


We are waiting until 15:00 PM GMT+1 to upload our games.
Then we will stream live the presentation of the games made by our Jammers.

The presentation is in Italian, but gaming is universal, so if you want to have a look, visit our stream page at 15:30 Italian Time (GMT+1) - 6:30am PST - 9:30am EST

Live streams from the Global Game Jam Genoa

Follow us on Twitter and ask our Jammers an english presentation! :-)

We saw them moving... in Genoa!


Just a quick recap from University of Genoa, Italy.
At 2 o' clock am, all 3 teams have reached the debug/polishing stage, with 3 working prototypes showed to us.
We are so proud and amazed.

Please keep following our games creators on ustream from here!

Thanks! And good Jam to Everyone around the planet

The GGJGenova Team

Perfect Dark in Genoa


The sun has gone, and our teams are ready to boldly face their last night in Genoa's University! Keep up the good work!

The Genoa Chapter is ready and streaming!


Global Game Jam in Genoa starts now, with 31 Jammers and 4 teams!
Follow the excitement online on on ustream:

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