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Evil God

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Your small world is at steak by an evil god and it's hunger for sacrifices. Is a game of balance between death and disbelief - until the world is free of tyranny.
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Built using XNA 3.1
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Submitted at Universidad Complutense (Spain)

God Hates Sheep

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Check out our progress here: http://videogamedesigner.blogspot.com God Hates Sheep is a 1v1 networked competitive strategy game where 1 player plays God trying to destroy all of sheep kind and the other player seeks to fortify his world from God’s wrath. God uses his resources to bring in apocalyptic catastrophes to wipe out all the sheep. The defending player builds structures out of blocks to protect the sheep.
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Platform note: 
Flash AS3 using Player.io C# multiplayer app. Requires internet + 2 players
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Submitted at Art Institute of Portland (United States)

God of Water

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other platform
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Web (Flash)
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Use your Godly powers to hold off an endless fleet of missionaries who are trying to convert your worshippers. Unlock different and more powerful spells as you progress.

Submitted at Dunedin (New Zealand)

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