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Grow Up!

Screenshots from Grow Up!


Oh, these pictures don't do proper justice to the actual game. It's also quite hard to get a screenshot while playing (using a Mac, so it requires me to use like six fingers to get the damn screenshot).

Oh, and wait til you hear the sounds. We're goiung to record a gameplay video later on, and til then we'll be working like mad to polish this thing.

The final team member has arrived!


Our final team member has arrived! Give a warm hand to Ari, our effects programmer/general programmer/artist. All around a handy guy!


First build (+ team)



It's not 5pm here in Finland, and things are heating up. We've got our first build (ok, we've had for some time now, but it got distributed to the whole team). There's a green tentacle thing snaking through the particle-scattered background, and it looks cool. Wait til the cool graphics roll in. There's not much sense posting a screenshot at the moment, as it probably won't make much sense, but once we've put in the seedling graphics, we could post some teaser pics.

Also, this great team deserves their 0.15 seconds of internet fame, so pics!

Grow Up! - developing an art game at FGJ Tampere


Blogging straight from the heart of rapid game development here in Tampere, Finland. It's bit over noon, and things are starting to speed up after a groggy morning. Prototypes all around us seem to be coming together slowly but surely. There are several cool projects being made here, but this blog post is about our game, Grow Up!

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