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Love Extinction

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Cupid screwed up Romeo & Juliette's Love affair and as a result has been replaced and locked up. He escapes, tortured and tormented. He decides to do everything he can to make Love Extinct by sabotaging Love relationships. He now goes by "Putrid".
Platform note: 
The development environment is DirectX using the June 2010 SDK
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Submitted at IGDA Philadelphia | IndyHall (United States)

Deceptive weekend is deceptive


long story short: I thought I was going to be doing allot of fun work on a game with a group, Deception: I really sat around all the time watching other people build a game because no one really needed my help :(... my Idea fell down a rather large chute called reality. (make a game on that, bet it will be boring as hell, like my weekend was :P... what I saw was cool at least :?)

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