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Petri Dish

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Short Introduction: 
Dominate other bacteria and claim control of the Petri Dish by exterminating your opponents. Collect power-ups, and use different directional strategies to prove you are worthy. Brought to you by Rage Quit.
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Submitted at Central Florida GGJ (United States)

GGJ + Igorrr = Market Penetration


Hello GGJ entrants!~
I hope everyone's game are coming along well.
My name is Wolfgang Wozniak. I am the Producer for the development of a fully Independent PC games digital distribution platform, "Igorrr" (Independent Games Online Rabble Rabble Rabble). I have spoken to Susan Gold about including all of GGJ2010's entries into the service with Susan Gold.


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Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Short Introduction: 
A short yet creative platform game done with a high artistic approach, and prepared by 4 freshman Game Design majors with no extensive programming experience.

Submitted at Champlain College (United States)

Aqua Fusion

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Short Introduction: 
Race your opponents online/offline to be the first to submerge your terrain. Quickly fuse atoms together to create an endless flow of water.

Submitted at NHTI (United States)

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