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Mac OS

Nopal Chronicles (Revenge of the nature)

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Short Introduction: 
Evil tools have taken the forest and started destroying the natural fauna, prepare to take revenge through the characters who will defend their home against the total destruction
Mac OS X+
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Submitted at Krakatoa Studios (Mexico)

Extinct or Enslave

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Short Introduction: 
The peoples of the earth have all died, but for one lonely person. In this game, one copes with the mental burden of being alone.
Mac OS X+
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Submitted at GMU Game Jam (United States)

Carl Cube and Bobby Ball - first patch + java-webstart (win,mac,linux)


When we released the game we had something about 2minutes left to pack the game and to upload it to the server...so it was a bit stressy and the way we deployed is far from optimal.

Even java has some really cool deploying-techniques, but they need more time for deployment and I was just too exhausted for this to be done in that stressy minutes. I changed this and now the game is startable out of the browser...

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