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Marcus Simon Nina RSAK Stacy

8-Bit(ch) Slap Apocalypse

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A green/red/black haired young punky emo girl is on a quest to hell after the devil himself said he will destroy the world. Of course she isnĀ“t on her way to stop him but to slaughter him and his minions(including the giant vampiresed owl of doom) to move in and take hell itself as her new home. Help her, talking smart, slaying hard and driving fast in this short but yet pretty bloody monochrome 8 bit adventure that reminds you of the good old days everywhere you go and whenever you want in a World that looks like the CD Cover of an old heavy metal album...in monochrome 8 bit retro style. Just open your DS and the most bloody retroadventure you have ever seen is ready to kick off.
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Nintendo DS
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Submitted at Global Game Jam Cologne (Germany)

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