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Hey! Gods, Follow The Light! - What is the feeling, Lead Game Designer?


It's ready!

48h and we done it, great! It was huge experience, and tought me alot.
But what we did, and how we come to result.

I got idea of light's around the field. And my partner Vilma asked me "we is the wire, that we need to include in it". Then I thoght about lanterns "How about if we would draw a lantern's in a wire, and suppose to enlight the place". My Partner was silent for a moment, then she asked "what about the deception, that must be included there". I was brainstorming ideas to satisfy my partner that this would be great.


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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Short Introduction: 
"Zino Zini" is a 2-4 player game in which you have to obtain as many Orbs as possible in 60 seconds. To do this you collect or steal them from the opponents. Hide outside the screen to ambush the other players or use the teleport to sneak up on them.

Submitted at A MAZE. Interact Festival (Germany)

Global Game Jam 2010 - Berlin


Now that I had a quick walk in the fresh air, I wear dry new socks and I had breakfast I can write our teams first Blog entry. We don't have a Team or Game name yet but progress is looking pretty good so far.

The first 21 Hours are almost over and we have quite some impressing results thanks to the experience both our programmers have and the good communication in the team.

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