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Obscuria Post-Mortem


Rough Post-Mortem for GGJ10 - Project Name: Obscuria

Having just completed my first 48 hours game design/development jam, I must record my initial thoughts and impressions before passing out for many hours. This was more of a Survival Endless mini game... not our project , but the daunting task of focusing/refocusing/innovating/debugging/coordinating/communicating/simplifying/ designing . Never have I crunched so much and produced such a collaborative, useful, working design AND had a lot fun while sustaining the torture! Simply surviving the 48 hours of mind olympics coupled with eye strain and fatigue is a victory.

OBSCURIA theme: Deception contraints: Rain, A Plain, in Spain

After simplifying a few basic designs revolving around the themes of painting/color/camouflage/rain/surrealism, we started to tackle the technology. As Justin and I both had some recent Flash/Flex experience, we thought we could bang out a quick bird's eye view, keyboard controlled flex app. After the rest of the team spent the first night prototyping different ideas, I officially joined around noon on Saturday (27 hours to go!). We set up an svn repository and taught our artists how to export flex components from flash (from photoshop from sketchbook from brain). Once that was up and running and we started hashing out basic code structures and functions, and from there 20+ straight hours of jamming. a few notes:

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