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Samsara is a card game about reincarnation and the laws of karma. Each game round represents one life cycle where players try to gather positive or negative karma points, depending on whether they want to reach the ultimate good or ultimate evil. After every life cycle the karma points are counted and the players are reborn as another life form, getting closer to or further from their goal.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
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Shepherd is a game of releasing the remaining ghost of an extinct humanity after an unknown apocalyptic event in a randomly generated world. To release a ghost the player listens to the ghost's final, obsessive thought and then must find an opposing or complementary thought from a second ghost and then give that to the first ghost to balance them. Whenever the player takes a memory from a ghost, that ghost is stuck forever on Earth, so decisions must be made! The player "wins" when five ghosts have been freed, but it is unclear as to whether this is, in fact, a final victory, or simply a futile but caring attempt to help some while inevitably hindering others.
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Flash game
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Submitted at Nordic Game Jam (Denmark)

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