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Element Quest: Infinite

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The game is a side-scrolling platforming game. You start out as a hero who witness his father being killed. You grow as a peasant who trains to avenge his fathers death and bring good to the world. As you progress through the stages, you progress in season and in age. At the end of the game you avenge your fathers death and kill the tyrant and become king of the land. But, the tyrant had a son too who trains to avenge his fathers death. The same game would be played, but your goal is to bring evil to the world, not good. Once you kill the king and become a new tyrant ruler, the king's son embarks on the same mission, repeating ad infinitum.
Mac OS X+
built with GameMaker:HTML5
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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I can't believe that I just slept for almost 19 hours.

But also, Global Game Jam was one of the best development experiences I've ever had.

I am amazed at what our group produced in only 2 days. It's truly a work of art. And even more so than that, I met some awesome people who turned out to be a terrific group together to work with. Our team even won Best in Show at Miami, so we had to have done something right :D!

Be sure to check out our game, Spaniard in Space!

Project Hamster -- 1:16am EST

Jordan White

Production Update!

Programming: We have approved concept of physic simulation. Programmer is just heading out now form his collage to join us in person.

Background Artist: Background Artist working at steady pace, has a couple of backgrounds drawn and colored. Doing very good job.

Object Artist: Hamster is finished as well as a few other environmental objects. Working on falling fruit.

Concept Artist: Managing team while doing sound. Approved new idea that the hamster is a round, physics based object.

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