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To the Pods!!

To The Pods!!

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Short Introduction: 
The human population is facing extinction from an incurable plague. Their only resort is to flee the planet in special shuttle pods. OH NO! Some of the pods have infected humans aboard. And what's worse is that the pods are programmed to cluster together as they travel to the next planet. And when an infected pod comes into contact with another pod, the infection spreads. Your only option is to use a pulse blast to push the pods apart and keep them apart until the infected pods self-destruct. Will you make it to the next planet...alive? This is an iPhone game so we can't upload a binary - but here's a youtube video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWl_5AiJKHg NOTE: I tried embedding this and it refused to appear. I don't know why, sorry :( -Stephen
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Submitted at Mount Royal University (Canada)

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