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Postmortem: ViralFire (and on GGJ Ankara)


Işık Barış Fidaner

Monday (the day after)


It's now Monday, a day after the Global Game Jam. The reality of what happened has sunk in and allowed me to post my thoughts.

We got our game up (such as it is). It can be downloaded at the official page.

We could (conceivably) of gotten the whole "redirecting arrows" gameplay mechanic into the game if we had remembered that the "3D cubes" thing wasn't anywhere near as important. Technically I kinda did remember (I wrote that programmer TODO list from Saturday morning that I mentioned in my last blog entry) and then I promptly forgot to check on it periodically. Oops.

So, what have we learned?

"Land The Mime" (our finished and quite polished game) - GGJ Postmortem


I loved the Global Game Jam!! Everything was great: the community, the people, the experience, the game we finished in time, “Land the Mime“. This is the postmortem that I wrote.

Greetings from beyond the Jam - An Obscuria Postmortem


This was my first game jam and what an experience it was. The sheer mind bottling force of trying to create just a playable prototype from scratch in 48hrs is incredible in so many ways its almost indescribable... but here it goes.

Game Jam Postmortem


Game Jam starts at 5pm local time. This means (a) leaving work early to get there, (b) fighting rush-hour traffic, (c) no available parking anywhere near the site.

To be fair, (c) is an issue in general with a site located on a college campus for jammers who aren't students. But around UT, *all* the parking is restricted until 5:45PM on weekdays.

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