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A Sneak Peak at the Games made at Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab site in Cambridge, MA


This has been reposted from the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab blog, written by Rik Eberhardt. The original URL is: http://gambit.mit.edu/updates/2010/01/day_2_a_sneak_peak_at_our_game.php (the images aren't working here, and I'm a bit too tired to figure out why right now).

The theme of the Global Game Jam is no longer REDACTED, it is DECEPTION. We've got 8 teams all of whom have been very creative in their application of the themes and constraints to their game designs.

I've been on silent running for most of the day. The Jammers here have been super-productive. Rather than bugging them with interviews, I've been stalking them, trying to capture fun moments and interesting dialog on the webcam, as well as Twitter-stalking them. Oh, and I made sure they were fed.

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