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The first real screenshot


Finally I am able to show up the first real screenshot of the game, without any "programmer's art" lying around :-)

This screenshot is the first of the many rooms that composes the game. Probably you will recognize the highlighted area at the foot of the monkey that is guarding the only door out of that door. This zone is the area that the monkey can see you and if you step over that zone, even if it just a little, the monkey will report you and the game is over (actually, the game is not over. It just resets the the same room again.)

Gaining Speed


With a team of 4, the work gets split pretty hard. When you have only one programmer trying to do some complex things, it only gets harder.

For the most part our team has been doing great. However things got complex and for this whole day and we hadn't moved forward until not too long ago. We are moving at break neck speed now, but again with only four people, if one person gets tired, the production pretty much halts at this point.

I have faith we can complete our game however and I can't wait to see the result later today.

Another graphic update


We have another cute graphic replacing the boring programmer's art that I grew used to. This time is the player's enemies: the bloodthirsty and highly organized monkeys that seek no more than (probably) rightful revenge.

Its the Final Count Down


This is the Final Count down, Bleary eyed we slog towards our final build, Major features completed and tested we turn our attention to the nagging little problems like not really knowing how a tank killing ball from outer space is at all deceptive in any way.

Less than 9 hours to go and all to play for and gratz to all the teams who have already finished.

First Sneaking Bananas Screenshot


Odin has been working on Sneaking Bananas' graphics the whole afternoon and it seems that he is going to spend the night as well. So, I've decided to share some of the art that he's creating.

The screenshot here won't make justice for the time spent working on the player's animation, but at least shows a glimpse of what Sneaking Bananas is attempting to look like.

Myself, I've been busy adding the animations to Ogre3D and Chris is working on the bait for the monkeys, the graphics of which I hope to post it here very, very soon.

7:30 pm


Less than 24 hours to go, our major game mechanic is working, sounds are recorded and assets are being finished off, probably our biggest job now is getting the assets finished them getting them into the game, after that it's things that aren't that big and/or things that can be dropped if it's getting too close to the deadline.

I think at this time in the weekend this is a pretty promising place to be, we even have an achievement or two in our reach so roll on tomorrow.



Making good progress on our game. Got the art assets pretty much finished. Main thing left to do is the programming (by one guy - the poor soul!), and some more level/puzzle designs.

Round and Round


Not much added, but now the guards can rotate and look for you in the field. Things get more exciting by the moment :-D

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