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Salt Lake City Global Game Jam 2010 Thank You


Everyone had a blast! Big thanks to ITT and EA Salt Lake for their generous support. We had lots of good game creating energy and lots of help from the industry and lots of participation from our area, so this inaugural jam was definitely a success! I can't wait for next year already, and next time I'll most likely enter a game submission from the beginning since it seems I'm predestined to do it either way.


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Windows XP or Vista
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Protect your crown in this fun and unique realtime puzzle game. Deceive the orc raiders by hiding the priceless treasure and telling them the crown is elsewhere. YOU GET GAME OVER if they touch the crown or if two of them touch the same pile of dirt.

Submitted at IGDA Salt Lake City/Provo Area Chapter (United States)

Local T-Shirts sponsored by EA Salt Lake!


I'm excited to announce that EA Salt Lake has graciously sponsored the printing of our local t-shirts! EA Salt Lake is very supportive and is encouraging the creativity and industry growth that the Global Game Jam represents in its local area. They are providing mentors and volunteers (and likely some participants) to help teams make their games. Expect to see the Global Game Jam logo on our t-shirts via our webcam or timelapse in two weeks!

Venue Confirmed


Today I confirmed with our local venue ITT and they are finally giving us the green light! Now as we get more participants and local news coverage, the Salt Lake City's inaugural Game Jam is looking to be pretty good! Thank you to the organizers and volunteers who are even now helping put this all together, locally and globally!

First Post


Hey well Salt Lake City, UT, USA is excited to be joining this time. I thought I would start a blog to track our first time and the process of putting everything together. We are still in negotiations with various venues but should be ready to accept participants by November 1st.

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