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SGJ 2010: Games Taking Shape


Just under 24 hours into the 48-hour love-in at Glasgow Caledonian University and our nine teams of jammers are making a lot of progress.

SGJ 2010: And now the real work begins...


It’s 11am on a surprisingly sunny morning in Glasgow and our teams are fresh from their sofa-based snoozes, ready to brave another long day out of the sun and in front of their monitors as we press on with the final hours of day one of the Scottish Game Jam.

Hardcore Sinkopation

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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Short Introduction: 
This is a rhythm/action based game where the player has to collect falling stars from the sky and avoid any enemies. This game aims to mess with common game perceptions by undermining expectations.

Submitted at Scottish Game Jam (Scotland)

SGJ 2010: Generating Graphics


The 9th hour of the Scottish Game Jam is underway and it's become a little too much for some of us as the Sandman takes hold which is, of course, a massive shame and nothing we should poke fun at at all. If we ignore the photo accompanying this post, anyway.

Scottish Game Jam: Thoroughly Underway!


Creeping up to midnight here in Glasgow and everybody's in full-on work mode (save for a couple of sneaky visits to the nearest takeaway).

Scottish Game Jam getting geared up to go!


A little late in running but the Scottish leg of the Global Game Jam, being held in the Saltire Centre of Glasgow Caledonian University, is almost underway! Contraints and theme have been revealed to the 43 jammers and they're almost done setting up their development beasts in the open-plan area of Caledonian's library.

Scotland in Focus: Scottish Game Jam


Interview I did with Scottish gaming website Square-Go about Global Game Jam


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