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The first real screenshot


Finally I am able to show up the first real screenshot of the game, without any "programmer's art" lying around :-)

This screenshot is the first of the many rooms that composes the game. Probably you will recognize the highlighted area at the foot of the monkey that is guarding the only door out of that door. This zone is the area that the monkey can see you and if you step over that zone, even if it just a little, the monkey will report you and the game is over (actually, the game is not over. It just resets the the same room again.)

First Sneaking Bananas Screenshot


Odin has been working on Sneaking Bananas' graphics the whole afternoon and it seems that he is going to spend the night as well. So, I've decided to share some of the art that he's creating.

The screenshot here won't make justice for the time spent working on the player's animation, but at least shows a glimpse of what Sneaking Bananas is attempting to look like.

Myself, I've been busy adding the animations to Ogre3D and Chris is working on the bait for the monkeys, the graphics of which I hope to post it here very, very soon.

First Screeny


Look at this beautiful screenshot. Hope to finish the game in time! Seventeen hours left...
GetThroughIt Screenshot Level 1GetThroughIt Screenshot Level 1

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