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In De-Nile

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Windows Phone 7
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Happy Path

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Travel along the Happy Path. My personal project for Global Game Jam 2011.
Mac OS X+
Web browser with plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)
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On web needs a resolution of 800x600 or some text overlapping will happen
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Submitted at IndieCity Global Game Jam 2011 hosted by Birmingham City University (England)

We, too, have finished


We've spent the last forty-eight hours designing, developing, help growing-up, and ultimately care about our great passion: games. Actually, some, few, of us did spend the whole 48 hours in front of the computer, only leaving for lunch and other tasks that can't be ignored at all. That is what we call passion (or nerdness, your choice.)



Originally our team had planned on not sleeping last night, but we eventually decided that that was a bad idea. We've had five hours of sleep so far, and will be getting back to game making in a couple of hours.

Our game has been coming on spectacularly. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how it plays in the end. We have artwork, sound and a few things to do to tidy it all up yet, but the goal is in sight.

Clear Jellyfish Monster!


I didn't think I'd be making a blog post while trying to maximize sleep/work hours, but I had to share my horrifying experience...

Moments ago, I saw a semi-transparent, colorless jellyfish floating two feet away from my face in the air as I slept! I had been sleeping for about 45 minutes (9:15pm to 10:00pm Saturday) when I was woken up to this. I swatted violently into the air and my heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to burst!

27 hours in.


So 27 hours in and the team is close to having the protype/playable demo. A few things needing polished off in art, physics and collisions, but we are all pretty relaxed so far. None of us have slept at all, I think we are the only team here who hasn't.
A few minigames have kept us going, here's a tip. See who can get the most songs stuck in other peoples heads. Iain F is in the lead for us with 30 since this morning. You get bonus points if you manage to "infect" someone outwith your group.

Likely we'll put a post up once we have something good to show.



it seems the guys around me are dropping like flies into the land of dreams, c'mon sandman don't be throwing you magical weapon sand in my eyes

Time to go to bed...

Rene Derks

How 'bout you guys? ...

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