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Baby Mammoth's Journey to Mars

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Baby Mammoth's Journey to Mars is a 2-D Side Scrolling Platform Game. Save Baby Mammoth from Extinction! The Ice Age is coming and is freezing everything! Help Baby Mammoth escape by jumping over cliffs, bashing through trees and dodging hungry buzzards!
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Submitted at UNC Charlotte (United States)

Silent night in Copenhagen


The night is almost over and our code monkey has been working on our game through the night. The rest of us have tried to encourage him to keep working while we watch in amazement of his persistence and stubbornness. Anyway, the end is near, we’ll hand-in in just 8 hours, and then it’s time for a few beers and some shuteye. The weather is – 10 C and 30 cm of snow so what else can we do than make games and keep warm at out hot laptops. Happy gaming and good luck to all of you out there on the global game jam.

Snow Fall

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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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Platform or System: 
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Flash based
Short Introduction: 
Snowfall is basically a tower defence style game (also overheard was "reverse lemmings") were the player controls a cloud to deposit snow and ice to block the AI's path to the top of the mountain. As it turns out snow is a wonderful way to hide a crevasse, ice-up a pond or simply block a path for example.

Submitted at Game Jam Sydney (Australia)

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