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Grave Existence

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The last village on earth is going extinct. YOU must save it by bringing resources to the base, but watch out for enemy diseases that will try to take over the base. Fight them with ammo you can pick up along the way. Don't let all of the bases resources fall, otherwise you will face EXTINCTION.
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Submitted at GDeC@UOIT_GameJam (Canada)

Cheap Shots: Espresso Wars

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Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
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Multiplayer Coffee Chaos, Speed and observation are important to cornering enough customers to maintain your coffee shop. Deceive your opponent by sabotaging their espresso machine and business operations. Different drinks and attacks will make this frantic "fighter" an entertaining game. Cash wins the competition so sell that hot cup o' joe and make your fortune in this up close look at the coffee world.

Submitted at DigiPen Game Developers Group (United States)

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