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trappist monastery

I must escape the Monastery!

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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Platform note: 
Game Maker 7
Short Introduction: 
A monk has been inside a Trappist Monastery since birth. He has never been outside the monastery, but is exposed to life outside the monastery by the tourists that come every day. Trappist monks are forbidden from using their voice to communicate (they take a vow of silence). The monk wakes one day and decides he wants to escape from the monastery. The monk says the speaks the phrase, "I must leave this place!" and the game begins. The goal of the game is to escape the Monastery, and there are several ways for the player to do this. The game begins in the morning as the monk wakes up, and ends at sundown. The in-game day lasts five minutes. At the end of five minutes the monastery locks down and all the monks go to sleep. So if the player cannot escape by the end of five minutes, he can try again the next "day". The monk can interact with other monks and the tourists. There are several ways to escape the monastery, and it will require multiple plays to find them all. The controls are simple, but each key press will have more than one function, depending on the situation. The player should be able to learn the controls simply by playing the game, and experimenting. The Monastery is full of deceptions, and nothing is what it seems. In modern times, what keeps a monk who wants to escape the monastery trapped? And what happens to those of the monkish order that violate the rules? It is up to the player to answer these questions and many more.

Submitted at Cal State Fullerton (United States)

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