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this game lets you shoot different objects on screen that are moving randomly using a scope. the scope also moves randomly. the objects that are moving are of two types i.e. innocent(marked by while circle) and enemies(marked by black cross). Initially all the objects look same but later on after few seconds the innocent change colors to show themselves. when an innocent object is shot score is deducted where as in case an enemy is shot the score is increased.

Submitted at FAST-NU Game Jam (Pakistan)

Blow The monkey

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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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Place explosives in the setup stage, then decieve the monkey by luring it through the level with a banana, triggering your bombs as he andvances. Essentially, hurt the monkey as much as possible without killing it.

Submitted at Designcenter Winkelhaak (Belgium)

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