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Time Bomb

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Travel through time to stop your past-selves in a randomized maze. Take advantage of the power ups to go deeper back in time !
Mac OS X+
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People's Choice!


So our game won the People's Choice for Mobile Pie's Game Jam in Bristol, 2010. I'm very happy with that. We were also named as the game with the most potential by the judges. So hopefully we'll be taking it further in the future.

All Finished


Sense of Deception is all finished now. The sound and final polishing took a little, and the pressure started to mount as the final minutes approached, but we got it finished. There are probably bugs, and there are probably things that we forgot. All is committed and ready to go. All things being fair, I shall be uploading the SWF file imminently.

The Home Stretch


Everything is coming together and almost finished. We recorded some of the audio just now, and a member of the team is working on the artwork. We're trying to get rid of as many bugs and design flaws as possible in the last three hours.

I've had trouble with internet access, so that has slowed down some of the (limited) assistance that I've been able to provide, and kind of slowed down blog posts too. Hopefully it will survive until the end of the event now.



Originally our team had planned on not sleeping last night, but we eventually decided that that was a bad idea. We've had five hours of sleep so far, and will be getting back to game making in a couple of hours.

Our game has been coming on spectacularly. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how it plays in the end. We have artwork, sound and a few things to do to tidy it all up yet, but the goal is in sight.

'Hamming' it all together


The game is coming along now. Pizza and cola later, and the panic of a few hours ago is all but forgotten. We have a game that can be played, and can actually be quite fun, at least for a while. Everyone at the studio is pretty laid back. There isn't really an atmosphere of being under pressure...

We have had a little bit of feature creep, adding some things that we originally dismissed for being too time-consuming, and fudging them around a little. Artwork will be done tomorrow!

Ham seems to be the topic of the moment...

The dangers of version control


Wow. What a recovery. The title of the last update was pretty accurate...

Using version control software is great until something goes wrong, and then the entire thing comes almost crashing down. We had a problem with our version control, and it almost cost us the entire project. It's fixed now, thankfully, and all back on track.

We have Line of Sight detection finished, and the microphone all tied up to provide a 'ping' effect. The maps are more-or-less in the game. We've decided to focus on what we have rather than implement more mechanics now. Hopefully this will pay off.

A train-wreck in slow motion...


Getting started is half the work...

So now we feel like we are getting somewhere. Collision detection, tile mapping, level designs, microphone input... all coming together. I have four levels designed so far... they'll need testing of course, once I actually have the paper-based designs converted into computer-based ones.

All things are looking promising!

For some reason there is a Christmas tree still outside the window...

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