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Another graphic update


We have another cute graphic replacing the boring programmer's art that I grew used to. This time is the player's enemies: the bloodthirsty and highly organized monkeys that seek no more than (probably) rightful revenge.

24 hours to go!


Hitting the 24 hour mark and we're almost on time for our goal of having the engine and first level completed and debugged. Waiting for the last few assets to finish assembling the level and then we shall see if the game comes out how it was envisioned. I'm sure much tweaking will have to be done before we can move on and do the last couple of levels.

Final debugging begins at noon tomorrow so everything should be locked down then leaving us with just number tweaks and minor fixes.

18 Hours In


18 hours ago four brave juniors at Champlain College undertook the game jam challenge. Taking their designated theme of "Deception" and combining all 3 constraints of the project is: Hello Dali! Incorporating three different Dali paintings into one landscape, objects have sprung out of their place in the painting and roam free. As Dali, the player must sneak up on the living objects by blending into and out of the painting and capturing them up close.

Team HAPPY SUPER! Diary: Entry 2 (30/01/2010, 09:54)


Here’s the update on our project…

So far, me and David have made some good assets for the game, and some of them are being placed into a game; while Tom fought through lots of code to get many mechanics working, from collision and timer, to some animation of sprites. And Kelvin has made a draft for the game’s back-story and he is now – working with David – to get the audio done for the game.

Wounded, but not dead


Well the Overland Park jam took a heavy blow, but we're not out. I must admit to having failed to advertise like I should. Part of them problem also is that I didn't pay enough attention to JCCC's class schedule. I thought I would have two full weeks to harass*coughs* I mean advertise to my students. I had one. Still I did end up with one student who was game enough to try this with me, so try we shall. I think our concept is going to work out well, and I fee confident that this is going to end well.

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