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be Quick or be Dead

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Levels are not forever, are they? Videogame developed by José Eduardo Terán in ActionScript 1.0; and even though, I try hard to keep a very clean code, using a lot of comments and functions. I interpreted the theme as a game that never ends. I didn't gather a team so I did it all by myself. Hope you enjoy it.
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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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Lucio must deliver the last message of king like his last will. Even if you have to fool everyone you have to complete your mission, But be carefull lucio!, dont thrust in anyone because you could be the victim of a hoax. This videogame was made by XNA Framework with a 2d interface and interactive adventure gameplay. join us a new excited adventure on METAMORFOSIS.

Submitted at Global Game Jam Colombia - Bogota (Colombia)

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