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Strange Root

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Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Platform or System: 
Mac OS X
Short Introduction: 
The premise we settled on for the game is two voodoo priests are dueling to reach the beating heart of a tree deity first. They battle with each other using illusory magics to decieve and using spiritual magics to directly combat each other. Their combat takes place on the tree whose heart they are fighting for, an ancient tree of voodoo magics with a beating heart imbued with it's power, bones dangle from strings attached to its branches and it's leaves rustle with a sound that is slightly otherworldly. By consuming the fruits of the tree the voodoo casters imbue themselves with a spirit which attunes them to the tree and brings them closer to reaching the heart of the tree. The fruits also give them the seeds that are used as keys to unlock the cage surrounding the heart of the tree.

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