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West City

Project Isle

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You wake up one morning to find out that a giant meteorite is coming and if nothing is done about it, then the entire city and everything you've ever known will be destroyed. The city authorities have built a Trebuchet to launch projectiles to destroy the incoming meteorite. Sadly, they have gone insane from the pressure caused by this life threatening situation. It's up to YOU, Captain Awesome, to save your city. Quickly search the city (using the arrow keys) and find any and all objects you can to load the Trebuchet with. Along the way you will find those who have cracked under the pressure and are now trying to hinder your progress. So carefully avoid them to survive! You will also find some energy drinks that will restore a small amount of health along with a secret helper who will completely restore your health as many times as you need. So hurry! Gather everything you can and destroy the meteorite before it is too late!
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Submitted at DSU (United States)

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