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MMOFRGGR - Mildly Multiplayer Offline Frog Fragger

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MMOFRGGR - Mildly Multiplayer Offline Frog Fragger

MMOFRGGR presents a twist on the classic Frogger gameplay, in the world's first multiplayer frog/car simulation. Each player must take on a role in the endless struggle between frog and tire. Play as the frog and follow your destiny to forever cross the road back and forth, using your quick wits to avoid traffic... Or grab a mouse and manipulate traffic to create the ultimate frog trap. What will be your weapon? Quick fingers, or quick thinking? Choose your strategy and outrun or outsquish your friends.

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Office Mayhem

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Office Mayhem

The game simulates the life of the modern corporate employee that has to deal with ever increasing number of tasks from different impatient managers.

The objective of the game is to survive at your corporate by fulfilling the requests of your bosses.
Each boss will first request an item hidden somewhere in the office, and then ask you to use it on another item which is visible.
The better you do, the more bosses will add.

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Propaganda: War of the Words

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Propaganda is a multiplayer worms-style game shooting game.

The purpose of the game is to promote a message of your choice, while destroying the opponents' messages. Promoting messages is done by placing signs, with your message on them, across the world. Destroying messages is done by aiming your cannons to hit the opponents' signs and/or cannons.

Fight to spread your word!
But what will remain of the world?

online game at

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This is a competitive game for two players on the same PC. One player controls a sleepless old lady called Gravema, while Zombat, a blood sucking zombie vampire is controlled by the other player.

Zombat moves around Gravema’s hump and tries to reach her naked palms to suck her blood, while Gravema tries to get rid of him by smashing him against the surrounding objects with her body.

The game takes place in an old and spooky graveyard where tombstones randomly pop up. The players have 5 minutes to prove who’s tougher, before death comes to take them away.

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You play a Demon walking around a small garden filled with cute little angels.
It appears as though god forgot to place a fence in the far side of the garden, exactly where the high cliff ends.
Ah well, what are the chances something bad is going to happen, who will ever think to scare the angel right of the cliff...

First time we use either unity or c#, kinda amazing what you can do within 40 hours or so.
Still a lot to do, but the best we could complete with the current time table.


0.1 Alpha
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Starry Starry Night

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"Starry Starry Night" is an innovative game that comes to challenge your hand-lungs coordination as well as to trigger your imagination.

The game mechanics are a simple combination of a microphone and a mouse, but only by using them both correctly, the player will be able to reach his goal.

On artistic levels, the game transmits to the player a sweet feeling of nostalgia, enhanced by unique soft graphics with pleasant audio environment.

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Zero Punctuation

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In "Zero Punctuation" you need to turn a thick cloud of words to a readable text by adding spaces and apostrophes, and at the more advanced levels (not implemented yet) by adding commas, dots and line spaces.
It's harder than you think!

Use our random text, your text or a random bulk of text from a submitted URL. (Future development)

This text-game is a fantastic tool for studying texts and their structures.


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Anteams is a casual game, based on the natural behavior of ants. Ants teams head to their castle. But when they cloud together they risk being spotted and destroyed by the ants hater. Help the ants by breaking their teams and dispersing them. Use sugar drops to attract them sideways. Get it done quickly, before the rain floods the area!

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