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We start our lives attached. And even though the cord gets cut, we are hardwired to immediately choose to forge new bonds. As we move on in life, we create new attachments. Each one appears to be a solution but turns out to be the cause of new and bigger problems.

In this game you choose to whom or what you want to attach yourself during your lifetime. You will need these alliances to move ahead in the game, but be prepared for some aggravation. Powerups will help you grow and overcome some obstacles, as long as you have cleared earlier problems when you had the opportunity.

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Cardboard Carnival

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Cardboard Carnival pits the player as two characters, one aggressive, one defensive, against a horde of attacking enemies. Both characters controlled by the player have their own abilities, advantages and disadvantages.

The sentence; “As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems” is integrated into the gameplay by having two characters that can only survive working together, despite their natural resistance towards each other. The word ‘trapped’ corresponds to this situation as both characters certainly want to be apart from one another, because they are opposites.



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The curse of peppie, the perilous and interdimensional escape from body and soul into nirvana.

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Trapped in your mortal daily life your body and soul are struggling to survive the daily problems of swarms of incomming evilness. Turn the badness into good by using it to levitate your soul into a higher state to enhance both body and soul. To become etherial: lure one of the creatures into a 'red node of wisdom'. The etherial state is only temporary so use it wisely! Keep working your way up the ladder of enlightenment until you reach the ultimate goal: nirvana!

This game is created in 46 hours for the global game jam 2009.

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Pushing Daisy

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Pushing Daisy is a game in which you visit a demented terminally ill grandmother. As long as she (Daisy) is around you will never run out of problems. The game is set in a retirement home as seen through the eyes of a demented person. Because of this the players view of the surroundings is distorted. The retirement home consists of frames that form a environmental sketch. The 4 original frames are duplicated and shuffled as soon as you meet the old lady. The old lady wants to move to different locations and you have to bring her there.

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Yellow becomes Red
Red becomes Blue
Blue becomes Yellow

Organize cells by dragging them across the screen. Minimize casualties from attacking enemies. Larger cell structures are an easier target for enemies and to prevent their attention you will have to break the cell clusters in smaller groups. Smaller clusters however generate new problems, since each cluster creates a new cell over time.

You'll have to face the dilemma of protecting a large vulnerable cell cluster, or maintaining lots of smaller groups with rapid growth!

Play it online here!

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i versus i

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In this game you are one of a pair of eyes, which are bound together by an elastic chord.
One eye can keep the other eye from grabbing ‘upgrades’. The upgrades you pick up give you points and can contain an upgrade which can affect either you or the other player. The conflict of the game is in balancing point-intake versus giving your opponent an edge.


Brothers in Arms

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This is the story two jellyfish entangled in a love-hate relationship. Literally.

On their way to the surface, this entrapment makes it difficult to avoid crashes with rocks, evil coral and poisoned food. The jellyfish have to make joint decisions about their course and strategy under high pressure. Each going its own way will get them nowhere. To keep on moving, each jellyfish is also dependent on its own type of food, which intensifies the conflict.

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