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0--0 by Team FuerteSuperStrength

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Welcome to a game of precision, nerve and cooperation. Winner of People's Choice Award for Sound Design at NGJ'09.

Team Information
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Tim Garbos, garbos [a] itu.dk / Student, Computer Science, ITU / Lead Particle Programmer
Laurie Hufford / Hobbyist / lauriehufford [a] gmail.com / _Lead_ Artist
Per Rasmussen / Programmer, APEX Interactive Entertainment / pr.rasmussen [a] gmail.com / Ninja Programmer
Jørgen Havsberg Seland / Programmer, IO Interactive / j0rg3n [a] gmail.com / Lead Sound Designer and Seal Wrangler


teamfuertesuperstrengthatfabeljet [dot] com

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

Installation instructions:
- Windows XP PC, with keyboard or gamepad
- XNA 3.0 Runtime

Just install the XNA 3.0 Runtime, unzip the archive, and run 0--0.exe.

Brief Play Description: 

Each player controls one end of the joined creature, and you must avoid the growing number of enemies from cutting your tether. The closer the players come to one-another, the faster the enemies move, and their increasingly complicated movements will test your ability to communicate and keep a cool head.

When you see the powerups don't hesitate - with these you can take revenge, and give yourselves a momentary breathing space.

Each game will last a maximum of 5 minutes - if you survive this long you win, though it isn't easy.

Control the two ends of the creature with any combination of WASD, Arrow keys, Left or Right sticks on a game pad, or mouse. By touching the desired control when you first start the game you will register it as your controller - Both players must register their controls before the game starts. If you wish to change your control method you must restart the game.

Have fun (and for the hardcore or friendless why not try controlling both ends on one keyboard/gamepad!)

Game Characteristics: 
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista


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