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Are We There Yet?

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Are We There Yet? (AWTY) is for two players at one keyboard and is essentially four games in one (or is intended to be).

Each player is one child in the back seat of a car during a car ride. Player 1 is the brother, player 2 is the sister. The two play the car games to make their parents think they are behaving, and when the parents aren't looking, they can punch each other.

So the four games are
- Alphabet -- collect letters from street signs
- Punch Buggy -- call out VW cars
- Padiddle -- call out when cars only have one headlight lit
- Sibling Punch -- punch your sibling when dad (the driver) isn't looking

The game was made in GameMaker 7 and is very buggy. Enjoy!

Carla Fisher & Jamison Judd

Team Information
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Carla Fisher
carlaengatgmail [dot] com
Teachers College, Columbia University

Jamison Judd
jamison [dot] juddatgmail [dot] com
Teachers College, Columbia University


carlaengatgmail [dot] com

Game Submission
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This is a stand alone Game Maker file. It shouldn't require any additional programs once downloaded.

Brief Play Description: 

After pressing start, each player uses one half of the keyboard to play the game.

Player 1 is on the left side (V=punch, C=block, W=padiddle, S=punch bug, A=alphabet)
Player 2 is on the right side (B=punch, N=block, Up arrow=padiddle, Down arrow=punch bug, Left arrow=alphabet)

Play is supposed to last for approximately 2 minutes, but there's a known bug that slows down the speed of the game. It may last longer. During the round of play, all four games are active. Once the game ends, it goes to a screen to declare the winner and credits.

Game Characteristics: 
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista


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