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Atomic Exit

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Create your own Atomic Exit strategy on your iPhone!

Faced with molecules bouncing back and forth between walls and obstacles players have to guide these particles to the given exit holes within a set timeframe. However, as long as the atoms still form an intact molecule the exit holes are just too small.

Thus, players have to modify the setup to first split the molecules and then direct the atoms to the exits. This can be achieved simply by dragging and dropping modificators onto existing obstacles (e.g. The splitter: breaks up the structure of the molecules into single atoms; The turner: changes the direction of the trajectory by 90°).

But now: Split them, guide them, free them!

Team Information
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Rainer Nowak / Illustrator / rainowakatyahoo [dot] de / Art
Markus Edgar Hormeß / Concept and Experience Designer / infoatimagineo [dot] de / Music
Dirk Zimmermann / Programmer / makerjamatuberdose [dot] com / Programming


AaaargWorksatyahoo [dot] de

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

To the best of our knowledge it's NOT possible to directly execute the AaaargWorks.app on the simulator or on a real iPhone.

You pretty much have to build it via xcode.

Mac OS X 10.5.6
iPhone SDK (xcode 3.1.1)

Load AaaargWorks.xcodeproj in xcode (double click), then build and run the application in the simulator.

Brief Play Description: 

- Your goal is to guide all trapped particles to the given exit holes within the time allowed
- Drag and drop Modificators from the sidebar onto existing obstacles to change their behaviour.

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