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Back to the Ship, Flip!

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Ferd, a grumpy, old alien whose job is to collect specimens from various planets, has to share his meager existence with Flip, a rambunctious, excitable dog who is always getting out and away.

While collecting sheep on a farm somewhere in the Midwest, Flip does just this. As much as Ferd would like to leave Flip behind, he mustn't. See, Flip's waste product is the fuel for Ferd's ship. Now, Ferd must entice Flip back to the ship by offering him treats, leading him around hedges and avoiding the roaming sheep who will trample him. Whenever Flip produces fuel, Ferd must use the tractor beam on his ship to retrieve the fuel.

Good luck, Ferd! Back to ship, Flip!

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Sharon Goodall, UMUC, sgoodallatumuc [dot] edu, programmer
Jose Olivieri, UMUC, jolivieriatumuc [dot] edu, programmer/designer
Justus Baumgartner, UMUC, jbaumgartneratumuc [dot] edu, programmer
Rafael Ormino, UMUC, rorminoatumuc [dot] edu, art
David Clarke, UMUC, dclarke@umuc, designer/art


sgoodallatumuc [dot] edu

Game Submission
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GameLoader.swf is the intro screen/animation and Game.swf is the actual game. You might need to install Flash player.

Brief Play Description: 

Place treats to entice Flip the dog to move toward your ship. Lead him away from obstacles (hedges) and danger (sheep). Collect waste product for fuel with your tractor beam.

Game Files: 
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Web - Client side (Java/Flash/ASP/Javascript)


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