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Blank Slate

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Blank Slate consists of a multoplayer game played over a network. The two players are in opposition , and attempt to collect and use various traps and weapons, (fitting the theme of "as long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems"). However, the world is extremly unstable, and is constantly changing, so the players may find terrain just as much of an obstacle. The format is done as if the world was on a blank piece of refill paper, with objects drawing and undrawing (providing the title "blank slate" and the link with the adjective "blank") Each player has five lives, and the game is over once one player has died.

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Thomas Verstappen//frozen flame @hotmail.com/programmer
Bradley Harris//toru1500atgmail [dot] com/graphics design and creation
James Warrington-Burns//death2thyhackerathotmail [dot] com/programmer
Andrew Scherch//puffballwithtacosathotmail [dot] com/graphics design and creation
Shawn Reader//melkor_melkor06athotmail [dot] com/programmer

Game Submission
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Relatively easy, simply copy and paste the .exe file onto two seperate computers. More thorough instructions can be found in the readme file.

Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista


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